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About usAbout the Inventor

Having been able to see all my life a very close family member suffering when trying to open any water bottle, soda in cans, or plastic bottles, has awakened my passion for creating something that works well with all kinds of different beverage containers.

A week didn’t pass by without me seeing someone struggling with a twist-off bottle top or break a nail on a pull tab in stores, restaurants, beach parties, or parks.

Finally, after so many years of testing and getting feedback from real people in need, the new and improved magic Opener has risen to open so many different sizes of plastic tops as well as the regular aluminum cans and glass bottles.

My commitment to bringing real self-help with the best opener to the 21st century has been a nonstop passion for over a decade.

Several good bottle openers have been produced by us over time and many happy clients have sent us great reviews about the help they were getting from it. But I knew that I needed something much better, more functional, something that would easily open them all fast enough.

I could probably write a book about what has happened during all this time. But to make a long story short, I will tell you that the new and improved magic Opener works so well now that even I get surprised and feel happy every time that I use it with different plastic top sizes existing today in the market.

My commitment to bringing the best to you, and support every step you take with it, is not only my responsibility but my endless passion.

I sincerely wish for everyone in need to be able to find this amazing and unique easy opener and to get all its help from it and to finally be free of hassles every time a desire to have a nice drink presents itself now and for many years to come.

Respectfully yours.

Pablo Corredor